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No commission.Better occupancy.Win-win.

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No commission. Better occupancy.

HotelCard is a subscription-based booking platform in Switzerland founded in 2009. Unlike other online travel agencies, HotelCard does not charge any commission or fee from its hotel partners. Hotels use HotelCard to fill their empty rooms, offering exclusive discounts to its paying members.

Better occupancy rates during off-peak times

The aim of HotelCard is to improve the occupancy rate of participating hotels during off-peak periods. As a hotel you may offer your vacancies on to paying HotelCard members at a discount of either 10%, 30% or 50%. These discounted rates are accessible to subscribers only and not displayed on any online search, hence your rate integrity is not affected.

The service offered by HotelCard is completely free of charge for participating hotels as Hotelcards income comes exclusively from annual membership fees of end-customers. HotelCard members are well known for their above average spending on food and services and not the typical bargain hunters. The maximum stay with 30% or 50% discount is 3 nights, afterwards only 10% discount apply.

HotelCard offers a state of the art user interface to hotels that makes management of inventory and bookings very easy. As a participating hotel you can choose yourself what discount levels to offer on what dates and you can apply limits or automated stop-sales that are based on your occupancy rate. We are fully integrated with Hotel Spider, YieldPlanet, Vertical Booking and Kognitiv, to name but a few.

Members can stay a maximum of 3 nights in a row with 50% or 30% discount, after that only 10% applies. You decide on which days you offer how much discount. Your rates are exclusively available to HotelCard members and do not appear in any online search.

We are connected with more than 50 channel managers. This minimises the time you spend on managing prices, availabilities and discounts. Thanks to the stop-sales function, you do not take any risks. With the help of an internal yielding function, you can even automate the discounts depending on the occupancy of your hotel.

Our partners

Bocco Group

Hotel Spider

Hotel Spider’s channel manager allows hotels to manage multiple OTA’s via one central screen resulting in less overbookings and administration. It provides one point of entry for rates & availabilities, rules and booking portal.

Bocco Group

Vertical Booking

The Vertical Booking Synchro CHANNEL MANAGER is a 2-way channel manager but with a very complete and flexible data structure. In addition, it has the characteristics of an advanced switch system.

Bocco Group


Kognitiv Hotel Manager is the central interface for all sales-related operations. At the heart of these services is the ability to centrally manage all hotel-related data. The Hotel Manager synchronizes inventory across all connected channels in real time to increase sales volume.

Bocco Group


YieldPlanet provides a single point of control for all distribution channels, easily synchronized with own PMS. Channel Manager offers revenue management functions that help hoteliers to make informed decisions to drive profits.

Bocco Group


The Channel Manager by SiteMinder provides incomparable reach and visibility online by connecting to more hotel distribution channels in less time with pooled inventory. It showcases hotels on all top-performing channels.

Bocco Group

Bocco Group

Since 2005, Bocco Group has been advising Swiss hoteliers individually and personally in the area of online sales & online marketing and provides the necessary software and strategy. Bocco Group helps to develop a new strategy and to implement it individually. They also take care of the complete set-up, on-site training, support during implementation and optimise your online turnover in the process.

What other Hoteliers say about us

“Thanks to HotelCard we can generate extra bookings for dates with low occupancy rates, making both guests and ourselves happy.”

Ruzica Dujmic
Resident Manager, TRAFO Hotel Baden

How it works

Hotelcard AG
  • Operates the online marketplace
  • Markets partner hotels via the website and in newsletters, blogs, etc.
  • Finances itself exclusively via membership fees
Partner hotels
  • Offer vacant rooms to Hotelcard members
  • Are available during off-peak times – 30-50% discount, otherwise 10%
  • Receive direct bookings from Hotelcard members
Hotelcard members
  • Enjoy travelling in Switzerland or neighbouring regions
  • Benefit from unique offers and insider tips thanks to Hotelcard
  • Pay annual membership fees

Personal advice


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Do you want more information or have questions?

The Hotelcard Hotel Team

What we stand for

More travel for less money


We demand no commissions or fees whatsoever from our partner hotels. This is why you offer our members exclusive price discounts. Our model is unique, transparent and honest.

Local travel & sustainability


We stand for sustainable regional travel and consciously support local independent hotels.

Fascinating places & experiences


Whether untouched mountain valleys, culinary temples or hearty hospitality, we promote travel diversity, taking our members to places which would otherwise remain undiscovered.